Slide Μαζί για εμάς. #ΕίσαιΜέσα; Slide «ΜΗ ΕΞΑΡΤΗΜΕΝΟΙ ΑΠΟ ΟΠΟΙΑΔΗΠΟΤΕ ΠΟΛΙΤΙΚΑ,
ΑΝΕΞΑΡΤΗΤΟΙ < ΔΦΑ : /’ksar.ti.toi/ ονομαστική [πληθυντικός]
< ΕΠΙΘΕΤΟ : / ανεξάρτητοι, -ος, -η, -ο


A group of citizens not defined or dependent on political, financial and personal agendas, striving to work for the good of the many and not the few, for the prosperity of the Republic as a whole and not divided into different interests.

For us and for you, with us and with you. Together.

We are here because we share a duty to demand and implement policies based on representative Democracy, Human Rights, Dignity and Ethics and doing away with unjust, outdated ideologies, part and parcel of the old, privileged political establishment.

Our priority is to take care of peoples’ daily lives, serve the social interest.


We share common goals and firmly believe that a small country, proud of its great stature, must venture to do the following:

Oblige the state’s institutions to prioritise and protect citizens first.

Cast out corruption in public life and bring back to the fore, transparent administration, fighting off handouts and collusion, without restrictions.

Improve effective representation of citizens and strive to secure labour rights.

Shield and fortify the health system, turn it into an organisation that works towards the benefit of citizens, without additional salary contributions.

Work towards an education system that actually produces critical thinkers and not parrots.

Implementing the human rights of all Cypriot citizens.


Political activism is a citizens up process not a political party privilege.

We’re here to serve the interests of citizens. Not a single party.

We are taking the first step towards the election of truly independent MPs, with a majority that can achieve proportionate voting.

Democracy is about choosing an individual, not a party.

The actions and policies of existing political movements have exhausted voters and drove them to abstention-and that includes people who have a significant political view, knowledge and even hold solutions to many issues, but are not actually inspired by any party or movement.

We refuse to follow elitism and be part of the establishment that we can work together to eradicate.


We express our common concern and work to forge viable solutions beyond partisan ideologies, expressing all citizens.


I stay informed, organised and contribute for the common good in my country. How and why I should be part of the Independents family.


MP Anna Theologou announces her membership of the ‘Independents’.